SUN CARE LOTION is a rich, creamy sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 50. SUN CARE LOTION is suitable for daily use and may be used with make up

Sunburn is the visible proof of damage to the skin and the greatest cause of skin aging. Consistently apply SUPER ALOE GEL to sunburnt skin.

SUN CARE LOTION is an important part of the skin care routine for all skin types:

• Offers high protection against UVA and UVB
• Helps prevent sun damage
• Moisturizes skin
• Prevents dehydration of the skin
• Prevents and reduces formation of melanin in the skin

SUN CARE LOTION is ‘n ryk, romerige sonskerm met ‘n beskermingsfaktor 50 formulasie. SUN CARE LOTION is geskik vir daaglikse gebruik en kan saam met grimering gedra word.

Sonbrand is die sigbare bewys van skade aan die vel en is die grootste oorsaak van velveroudering. Wend SUPER ALOE GEL aan na sonbrand

SUND CARE LOTION is ‘n belangrike deel van die velsorgroetine vir alle veltipes:
• Bied hoë beskerming teen UVA en UVB strale
• Help verhoed sonskade
• Help bevogtig
• Verhoed dehidrasie van vel
• Verhoed en verminder melanienvorming in die vel
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